Thursday, 25 February 2016

Embedded World 2016

It's my second time here in Nuremberg at the enormous Embedded World conference and exhibition. Yesterday I talked about and demonstrated using Bluetooth Developer Studio. In 30 minutes I designed a custom profile for a home-made Arduino controlled LED lighting panel with Bluetooth low energy interface, generated and completed code for it, tested it, generated a complete and fully working Android application for the same profile and showed it controlling the lighting device with no manual coding required and produced a few reports from the tool. In 30 minutes.

Hopefully this was a pretty good proof of the power of the tool for my audience :-)

The Arduino + Bluetooth Controlled LED Panel

Bluetooth Developer Studio Virtual Testing

Thursday, 4 February 2016

BBC micro:bit

We're on the home straight and one million 11 and 12 year old British youngsters will be receiving their very own BBC micro:bit later this year!

I've been creating videos showing the micro:bit in various Bluetooth related scenarios on Vimeo. To make them easier to find I've collected them all together on the BBC micro:bit page which you should see a link to on the right of this page.

 If you have any questions about BBC micro:bit check the BBC site or ask me on Twitter: @bluetooth_mdw Enjoy